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Sustainable procurement

Sustainable purchasing, ethical practices

For Altyor, having a responsible supply chain means engaging all our stakeholders, and in particular our suppliers, in reducing the social and environmental impact related to our businesses. Moreover, we want to have a positive impact by supporting our partners in processes that respect both people and their ecosystem.

Our responsible procurement policies

Three aspects are important in this approach First, the aspect related to human rights – Altyor has drafted an ethical code of conduct and requires each supplier to comply with it.

Second, our sustainable purchasing policy acknowledges that all types of products and services purchased have inherent impacts on society, human health, the environment, and the economy. Altyor, therefore, makes sustainable purchasing decisions.

Finally, we also have specific issues related to our business as a designer and manufacturer of electronic products; our conflict minerals policy outlines our commitments.

Our objectives

Our main goal is to engage all our suppliers in a social and environmental responsibility approach. This involves signing a code of conduct, annual assessments, and on-site audits. We also support our suppliers in developing their capacities on environmental and social issues through action plan follow-ups, training, or guides on specific topics.

Regarding conflict minerals, Altyor aims to control its supply chain. We, therefore, conduct a survey of our suppliers using tools such as Silicon Expert.
We also want to promote diversity among our suppliers. To do this, we work with ESATs, for example.

Some concrete examples

Training and awareness

All our buyers are trained in sustainable purchasing issues. These issues are aligned with our status as a mission-driven company. They are indeed an integral part of our 3rd pillar, which is ‘exemplarity,’ with the ultimate goal of creating a responsible industrial movement.

Diversity in our suppliers

The search for diversity among our suppliers encourages us to choose subcontractors managed by minorities. This is the case, for example, with ESATs (Establishment and Service for Assistance through Work) or reintegration companies for managing our infrastructure.

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