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Social commitments related to human rights

Diversity, equity and inclusion

The company can be a real tool for the development of everyone if and only if it is free of discrimination and harassment. It is from this perspective, which is one of the pillars of our mission-driven company, that Altyor wishes to develop.

Our policies in Human Rights

Diversity is an asset and a strength. Through our Inclusion policy, Altyor is committed to eliminating discrimination and building bridges between all Altyormates, regardless of gender, age or religion, with or without disabilities. We choose to look at skills.
Through our anti-harassment policy, Altyor wishes to remind all Altyormates of their rights and duties. Moral or sexual harassment is prohibited and will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
The fight against child labour is also a key element of labour law and one that Altyor rigorously monitors.

Our objectives

Altyor has set itself objectives, linked to the following commitments:

Provide a working environment free of discrimination and harassment

Raise awareness and training our employees to prevent discrimination and harassment

Promote the inclusion of people with disabilities

Facilitate default reporting and support solutions

Some concrete examples

Working with ESATs

Since 2021, Altyor has been working with two ESATs (Etablissement et service d’aide au travail) with the aim of offering people with disabilities a window on the professional world and encouraging their personal and social development.

A whistleblowing procedure

Altyor has set up an anonymous reporting form open to Altyormates and all stakeholders (partners, suppliers, etc.), in order to report any behaviour that does not comply with the company’s policies.


Each year, Altyor renews its commitment to associations that are important to it, such as the association for the fight against cystic fibrosis and the fight against cancer.

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