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Social commitments related to labour law

Health and safety, working conditions, social dialogue and career management

Altyor is committed to providing each Altyormate with a safe workplace, free from harassment and discrimination. A place where every employee feels fulfilled, grows and feels respected. It is within this framework that Altyor implements policies, objectives and controls.

Our policies in Labour Law

These labour law commitments are divided into 4 themes:

  • Provide a safe working environment
  • Be transparent about working conditions
  • Encourage social dialogue
  • Participate in the professional development of our employees

Our objectives

In order to guarantee the above commitments, Altyor has put in place and monitors indicators enabling it to validate or improve its approach and related actions.

Number of training courses, satisfaction rate related to these courses, internal promotion rate, frequency of work accidents and severity rate… Each indicator (aligned with the GRI reporting standard) has a reason to exist and is intended to monitor our policies.

Some concrete examples

Two-way communication

Twice a year, our Altyormates are invited to respond to an anonymous survey enabling us to report on their level of fulfilment within Altyor, their difficulties, their suggestions for improvement and their level of commitment. This feedback allows us to have formal feedback and to focus our initiatives or training according to real needs. The results of the survey are available via the CSR report.

Preventive measures
against stress

Stress is a subject inherent to all professions subject to a customer or supplier relationship. Our governance system helps to alleviate this stress. Altyor also offers wellness workshops such as osteopathic and naturopathic training and work organisation workshops. We also measure the stress and anxiety levels of our employees via an annual survey.

Integration pathway

Each newcomer is welcomed following a one-month integration course, allowing him/her to understand the company, to apprehend his/her new environment, to make friends with his/her sponsor… He/she will also be able to submit his/her feedback from his/her first month during his/her surprise report.

Internal and external training

During the individual interview or at any time during the year, Altyormates can submit their training needs to the Human Resources department. These wishes can be addressed through internal or external training. In 2022, almost 44 training topics were completed.

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