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Altyor’s Mission

Altyor commits as a ‘Benefit Corporation’

In 2023, Altyor undertook the journey to transform itself into a mission-driven company, incorporating its eco-responsible values into its statutes. This transformation has significant implications and a strong ambition: to design, manufacture, and distribute our customers’ products in an environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable manner.

What is a mission-driven company?

A mission-driven company is a commercial company that establishes a statutory purpose and integrates the consideration of social, societal, and environmental impacts. Moreover, a mission-driven company aims to achieve a broader goal of general interest, rather than just pursuing the economic sustainability of the company.

“Becoming a ‘mission-driven company’ is a turning point for Altyor, probably very surprising and daring for our sector, but ultimately quite natural given our convictions.”

— Yanis Cottard, Altyor CEO.

The objectives of the mission-driven company

Our goals are based on the UN’s sustainable development goals, as well as the Ten Principles of the Global Compact, of which Altyor is a member.

Why become a mission-driven company?

Discover the reasons for this choice, the implications, and the testimonies of Altyormates on Altyor’s transformation into a mission-driven company.