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Why become a mission-driven company?

The company as a tool for change

In 2022, Altyor turned 30. The age of maturity, perhaps. In any case, this was the age of choice. More than just words, Altyor became a mission-driven company in 2023. If you are familiar with this concept, then you know that it includes profound changes for a company. Not even afraid! Our values are so strong that we want to go and do better.

Why this choice?

At Altyor, we are convinced that the world is changing, that many paradigms that we took for granted will be challenged. Change does not wait any longer. We are also convinced that the company is a great place to support this change. Collectively, we have the means to act, real firepower.

Becoming a mission-driven company commits us to our corporate statutes, with the ultimate goal of making our vision of ecological and social transition even more deeply embedded in our DNA.

What does this mean?

Within the company, the first involvement was to create the raison d’être with commitments and objectives that will be in the company statutes. These objectives are then linked to operational action plans and KPIs. Thomas Gauthier, a partner at Altyor, will be in charge of the mission as Mission Manager. This steering of the Mission is further complemented by a new governance body, the Mission Committee. Its role will be to check that every decision taken takes account of social and environmental criteria. This committee will be made up of Altyormates, but also of external people who are specialists and who inspire us.

Within our business, becoming a mission-driven company will allow us to go even further. Eco-design, the use of recycled materials and the end-of-life of products are subjects that are already well established at Altyor. This transformation will include these actions more deeply and multiply them. In addition, this will concern all of Altyor’s departments: responsible purchasing, audits of our subcontractors using mission-driven company criteria, selective choice of projects on which we wish to work, responsible logistics, inclusive human resources, etc.

What do our Altyormates think?

Nathalie, Meng, Matthieu, Jérôme … Our Altyormates share their feelings about becoming a mission-driven company.