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Would you like to join us and become the next Altyormate?

Whatever company in the group you are applying for, find out about the recruitment process at Altyor!

First of all, you meet our Human Resources department in a friendly and listening manner!

You will meet one of the following people:

After a personality test (except for internships), you will have a discussion with your future N+1, followed by an exchange with the N+2 (for certain key positions).

We have gone through these steps together and we are happy to count you among our Altyormates.

You will receive your promise of employment for signing and before your arrival you will receive a welcome email with your schedule for the first day.

Welcome to Altyor!

All newcomers enter a one-month integration program, which includes :

  • A pre-established schedule for the first week with meetings of the people with whom you will work regularly
  • You will take part in a virtual visit of the different sites, a presentation of the group and our tools
  • You will have a ‘mentor’, who will be a colleague from the same site or entity. This person will facilitate your integration and will be a privileged contact during the integration period
  • You will introduce yourself to the teams via Altyor Whats’Up meetings
  • You will be trained on our CSR commitment, as well as other training related to your job.

At the end of the integration process, we look forward to your feedback report, which will help the process to improve!