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Altyor Governance

Our Altyormates at the heart of governance

Altyor aims to be agile. That’s why the company chooses to trust and empower each Altyormate. This ambition is reflected through a governance system divided into bodies and role representation.

Commitment, involvement, and responsibility

The goal of Altyor’s governance is to optimize operational performance and relies on the trust naturally granted to everyone. Thus, this governance is learning, agile, and promotes autonomy. At Altyor, we believe in the expertise of Altyormates, and it’s the one who knows who decides! Our governance model also provides transparency into the company’s operations, offering everyone the opportunity to contribute their skills and insights to the whole.

‘Alone, we go faster; together, we go further’

an adage that Altyor willingly adopts.

Our governance bodies

At Altyor, various committees exist, both permanently or temporarily, where employees, managers, or partners are represented.

Strategic Committee

It has a supervisory function for the company and provides opinions and recommendations on the strategic directions presented by the ComEx. It is composed of representatives from investors present in Altyor’s capital, BPI France and Société Générale, and two members of the ComEx: Yanis Cottard, Group President, and Yannis Brun.

Executive Committee or ComEx

It decides the Group’s strategy and defines the associated resources. It is the governance body with the most significant decision-making power. The constituent members are President Yanis Cottard and partners Yannis Brun, Julien Marichy, and Thomas Gauthier.

Operational Committees

It decides on operational choices at the Group level in line with the directions given by the Executive Committee and in relation to the field constraints it encounters. There are 3 operational committees, one for each entity: Altyor Industries, Tiloli, and NodOn.

Management Committee

It decides on choices specific to its activity in relation to the specific constraints it encounters and in relation to topics submitted to it by the Executive Committee or the operational committees. There are two management committees within Altyor: one in France and one in China.

Mission Committee,
CSR and Design for Tomorrow

The Mission Committees, CSR and Design for Tomorrow are committees that guide the company in its sustainable choices.
Other specific subject committees are also created, such as the Made in France Committee or the Large Account Committee.

An agile representation of Altyor

Gone are the inflexible rake organizational charts; Altyor has chosen a role-based representation through a tool called Holaspirit.
The benefits are numerous:

  • A representation that highlights each person’s roles rather than hierarchical relationships
  • Better understanding for new employees of each person’s role and its content
    Flexibility, allowing for the easy creation of new roles or new bodies

This spherical representation also provides better ownership of one’s tasks, giving leadership and autonomy to each Altyormate within their scope. Finally, it allows for the easy evolution of each person’s roles according to the company’s needs