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Company life

At Altyor, the involvement of all depends on the development of each individual

Altyor means “the whole”. It is, indeed, together that we will grow professionally, and it is together that we will grow the company. Company life at Altyor is made up of professional and fun meetings, well-being and sports activities, but also of a strong involvement of each Altyormate.

The Altyor What’s Up

Every month, all Altyor teams (France & China) meet virtually for an hour. During this meeting, 8 departments present their current topics, their progress and their victories in 5 minutes. This is also the time when the new Altyormates are presented. These meetings provide transparency through the sharing of information and knowledge.

The Altyor Meet’Up

Altyor is growing and some Altyormates are on the other side of the world. How can we keep in touch while growing? That’s the goal of the Altyor Meet’Up. Each month, employees are randomly assigned a partner. Their mission: spend about twenty minutes together and break the ice. n opportunity to get to know each other in a different way and individually, and to understand each other’s jobs at Altyor.

The Coffee Breaks

A site in France and a site in China. Every quarter, our teams get together, not to talk about their jobs, but to spend some time playing together. The objective of this coffee break is to keep and develop the link, even at a distance with a playful and participative format.


Altyor’s afterwork events are always different: a foodtruck in the parking lot, sauerkraut on a Tuesday, a raclette in a chalet… We discover each other in a more festive light every quarter. In Shanghai, many events between employees also take place such as an annual trip, the big annual dinner or the celebration of birthdays.

Well-being at work and outside work

Sportspeople at Altyor

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, as future Altyormates you will find that you can enjoy some rather sporting breaks. Altyor has two badminton courts, a ping-pong table, a table soccer, a petanque court in its warehouse in Saint Cyr en Val… You can also choose to go for a walk or a jog in the nearby forest. In Shanghai, a table soccer, a ping-pong table and badminton tournaments also await you.

Workshops, coaching and small pleasures

Well-being at work is also a strong value at Altyor. In order to be as close as possible to our employees, two surveys are conducted each year to gather feedback and propose improvements or workshops based on the needs expressed.
These workshops can be related, for example, to stress management or tips for organizing one’s work. We also invite coaches to accompany the Altyormates, with, for example, Gestures and Postures or Nutrition training. Another little bonus: every month, our Altyormates based in Saint Cyr en Val receive two baskets of fruit and dried fruit to share during their coffee break.