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Environmental management of our products

As a marketer of electronic products, Altyor is strongly committed to reducing the environmental footprint of the products it creates and manufactures. In 2020, Altyor will launch Design for Tomorrow, its own eco-responsible approach.

Our environmental policy

Altyor’s environmental policy is built around 4 commitment levers, which are:

  • the design of sustainable and repairable products
  • optimisation of energy consumption
  • the promotion of product and packaging sobriety
  • the organisation of the end of life of products

Design for Tomorrow tools

The Design for Tomorrow approach brings together the building blocks of eco-design expertise and aims to increase the eco-responsibility of the products that Altyor designs and manufactures.
In addition to the life cycle analyses done for each product developed, Altyor has developed its own eco-responsibility index. Like the reparability index for major household appliances, the Design for Tomorrow index allows us to evaluate each product according to eco-responsible criteria and make recommendations to our clients.
Altyor has also created its own recycling and reconditioning loops, in order to enhance the end-of-life value of each product.

Our objectives

Altyor has set itself objectives, linked to the following commitments:

Sélectionner des projets de conception et fabrication ayant un faible impact environnemental ou contribuant à un impact positif social et environnemental

Eco-concevoir 100% des produits (via notre expertise en optimisation d’énergie, choix de matières, conception intelligente …)

Réaliser systématiquement la mesure de l’empreinte environnementale de chaque produit

Développer nos boucles de recyclage, afin d’augmenter le pourcentage de matière recyclée

Promouvoir notre boucle de reconditionnement auprès de nos clients, afin qu’il adopte ce business model

Gérer les déchets de nos propres produits électroniques et sensibiliser nos clients sur les aspects santé et sécurité liés à ces produits

Some concrete examples

Life cycle assessment

Altyor carries out a life cycle analysis for each product designed by our R&D centre. To do this, the Design for Tomorrow team collects the necessary information and then measures the environmental impact of each stage of the life cycle (raw materials used, manufacturing, transport, distribution, use and end of life) via the EIME software. Through this analysis, we target the best levers to reduce the environmental footprint.

Label More

By 2022, 80% of plastics used in products will be recycled material. The More Label, awarded by EuPC and Polyvia, is proof of our commitment to the circular economy.

Refurbishing loop

Altyor has created a refurbishing loop to offer its customers the opportunity to recover their products, refurbish them and give them a second life. Bookinou testifies to this model set up with Altyor.

Eco-designed packaging

Eco-design is practised within Altyor at the product level but not only. A lot of thought is also being given to the packaging, with a view to using recycled materials, eliminating non-essential elements (foam, instructions, etc.) and reducing its size and thickness.

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