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Environmental management of the company

Altyor is constantly improving to reduce the impact of its activities on the environment. To this end, we are carrying out various actions, based on the group’s environmental analysis, in order to reduce our energy consumption, our water management and our waste management.

Our environmental policy

Through this policy, Altyor is pursuing its ambition to reduce the environmental footprint of its activity, particularly energy consumption, water consumption and materials used. This policy brings together the commitments made by Altyor as a result of the carbon assessment® carried out by the company.

Our carbon footprint®

Altyor has taken the spontaneous step of carrying out its GHG assessment in 2021; a process that has enabled us to understand the environmental impact of our business and to implement a low carbon strategy. In order to implement this strategy, Altyor has been selected by Bpifrance to join the ‘Decarbonation’ accelerator.

Our objectives

Altyor is committed to the following principles:

Train our Altyormates on climate issues

Carry out our GHG assessment on a regular basis

Commit to renewable energy

Control water management

Use the least CO2 intensive transport of goods and people

Reduce the energy consumption of our buildings

Reduce the consumption of our IT infrastructure

Limite the consumption of products that are hazardous to the environment and the health of employees

Have an optimised waste management

Some concrete examples

Altyormate awareness

A communication channel within Altyor is dedicated to sharing knowledge and raising awareness on environmental issues. The Design for Tomorrow team or each individual’s initiative regularly shares knowledge, tips and best practices to reduce our footprint in our private and professional lives.

Energy saving

Altyor, through its subsidiary NodOn, which specialises in home automation, has installed an automated system in each meeting room that switches on the heating if and only if a meeting is scheduled (via the outlook calendar). Energy reduction is also achieved through the use of translucent panels on the roof to allow for natural light. Finally, our neon lighting system has been replaced by LED.

Water consumption

In our qualification laboratory, Altyor teams carry out leak tests. In order to reduce our water consumption, a closed loop system was set up to reuse the same water for each test. Water saving devices have also been installed in all toilets.

Waste management

In order to improve our on-site waste management, Altyor has equipped each section of the company with sorting bins (packaging, organic waste, glass, compostable organic waste, electrical cables, PCBA and electronic components, non-organic waste), encouraging each employee to play a part in this management. The waste is then recycled at the waste disposal centre, via our compost or by specialised companies.

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