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Ethical Commitments

Corruption and Mismanagement of Information

The issues concerning business ethics are numerous. They involve corruption, such as bribery, fraud, conflicts of interest, and money laundering, anti-competitive practices, through cartels, abuse of dominant positions, and illegal mergers and acquisitions, and the mismanagement of information, including information security breaches.

Our Business Ethics Policies

We have gathered our commitments around two policies:

  • An Anti-corruption and Fraud policy, which is dedicated to fighting these illegalities, as well as money laundering, conflicts of interest, and the proper responses to take.
  • An Information Security policy, which is dedicated to warnings against various cyber-attacks and best practices to implement.”

Our Objectives

One of the main objectives in terms of business ethics is to raise awareness among everyone about these issues. General training, regular reminders about the proper responses to both inappropriate actions related to corruption, and reactions to cyber-attacks are provided. An alert procedure has been implemented to report any act that does not comply with these policies. The procedure is open to all our stakeholders.

Some concrete examples

Fake phishing campaigns

Altyor’s IT department organizes fake phishing campaigns to assess people’s alertness levels. Each person receives an email that resembles the types of attacks that each Altyormate could normally receive, with links to click. The test results are then shared with everyone, and subsequent awareness campaigns are organized.Altyormate pourrait recevoir en temps normal avec des liens à cliquer.

for new hires

For each new hire, a specific meeting is organized by the IT department during their integration process. This training explains what information security is and provides advice on risks to avoid. As for corruption, the training is organized by the Human Resources department to teach the proper reflexes.

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